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And her cries creep threw his ears. Hunting for screams he sent to her heart.

I wrote a lot lastnight. Well early this morning because I couldn't sleep.
I also got a picture I kinda of drew with some sayings I made up. Well you can't really see because my camera is gay. I'm not finish with it. But it's not so great.

My memories might fade.
But my hole in my heart will never heal.
The thoughts are painful.
The scars are real.
The laugher and smiles burn a hole into my sides.
And every sad story I write leaves a
message of blood, with your name bolded.
My tears are falling heavy.
As the sun creeps alway and hides.
My eyes close, wishing you were still ALIVE

Time blows a single smile.
The clock holds all are memories and cries.
The leaves drifting by, dancing with pride

I don't think that one is finish. But it's a start?

As the tears roll down upon her face.
The letters are softly burning in the fire place.
Letting the smoke excaspe into the air.
And flying apove into her dead eyes

I love drawing designs in my sketch book.
It helps me get my mind of things. And Listening to Coldplay helps me write.
Gosh, I need a cup of tea :]

I hope you all enjoy.
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