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Uhm, I'm updating a few of my old poems, just to get osme opinions..

You don't have to walk down the street
carrying the agony of defeat
that follws, watchs your every move,
all in time, trying to look smooth

you don't have to lie about your past
trying to make your smile last,
making them think, your happy by far
because you already are

I was waiting for your responce
waiting jsut to hear your voice
waiting for your desicion
to my choice

you just run my life
day by day
you tell me how to act
what to say

because thats jsut who you are inside
you don't have to hide
because you don't want to fucking die

and thats the difference between you and me
we have completly different personalities
and though your a part of me,
you still won't see
you still won't believe

nomatter what, i am here
nomatter what, i am near
you'll never get away from me
unless your the one to flee

flee this life of painful sorrows
never having to face another tomorrow
btu i knwo I'm stronger than that
and I will never leave
because you see
I believe

yeah, I was kind of mized up when I wrote that one. SO....yeah.

the wind blew in her face
the wind uncovered her eyes
that led to her black heart
buy her heart used to be ruby red
her soul would lie within her
her eyes were not so hopeless
and she dare not shed a tear
she had no reason to
she was happy back then
she would think that the sad people
had no reason of living
ecept to make everybody else
but now as she is ne of them
she can unserstand the heartbreak of life
as her heart is in a million pieces
because that man shattered it
the man she could trust,
cry with
tell secrets to
the man she was closest with
the man she loved
had hurt her the most
the man that she had known as dad
and she still loves him
but she dare not show it
so she just walks on
against all hope
against all faith
against the wind

I was feeling really crappy when I wrote that....because my dad called and yeah

Insanity is just a breath away.
Everyone suffers every day.
But in some way,
We think we're okay.

I know better though
i know life goes with the flow.
I know what you don't know.
that we simply, go when we go.

And I think my time will be soon.
perhaps under the next full moon
As the blood drips.
Bit by bit by bit.

until all is gone.
Death by dawn
now I'm dead.

To bad it was just a dream in my bed.

what can I say....I fent insane.

Yeah so three writes, enjoy, and comment please. I don't care if it's good or bad just leave your opinion Please? =/
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