this is the last night in my body (_______thesex) wrote in brutaltruthpoem,
this is the last night in my body

I've been thinking a lot.
So here's a little personal free style poem.
I'm writing it now, so I haven't wrote it down somewhere. I hope you like?

My smiles are rusty and fake.
and my mind is blank.
My weakness is that I cry too much.
But the pain just hurtts.
being lonely at night
only hurts at midnight
when I say awake and cry, wishing someone was with me.
but then i relize, i don't need anyone.
I don't want my heart broken
just cause some fool didn't want me.
Cups of tea and starving myself helps me love me.
Hurting makes it good.
For me to have something to be mad about.
goodness, i'm just messed up in the head.
the world has beat me good.
I've only dug a hole much deeper than a grave lays.
Could I be dead from the world.
I'm just mute now.
And scared to speak.
Everything isn't appealing anymore.
Just another day, just another night.
I love everyone.
But there's no sound.
i scream
i scream
and I scream for you.
But you won't hear me.
because you won't come near me.
I'm hurting
I'm hurting, do you know.
But you won't know
because you won't come, and save me.
I'm sick of feeling this
I'm sick of feeling this.
I see
I can't see.
Please, just listen?
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